Film Production

Let’s talk narrative! From commercials to creative shorts, EMAGIC can craft emotive, impactful stories on screen.

Video Production

For campaigns great and small, EMAGIC elevates brands with engaging video content, to connect companies with their audiences. 

3D Animation & VFX

EMAGIC’s 3D & VFX pipeline encompasses modelling, animation, simulation, mocap, texturing, lighting and rendering.

2D Motion Graphics

An effective, visual, way to simplify complex ideas and messages; utilising 2D animation and motion graphics.

3D / VFX Reel

Step into a world of endless possibility, with the power of CG animation and VFX.

Creative Film Reel

Explore the cinematic capabilities of EMAGIC


Yes Jack stays creative and captures film projects, to continuely hone his craft as well as all the other people we surround ourselves with.